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Presentation services for our kindergarten

Our services for Kindergarten

The pre-primary curriculum revolves around the developmental domains of early childhood years. It exposes children to the world of technology and is integrated with activity based learning. The curriculum balances autonomous and teacher – led learning perfectly. It is rich with diverse activities such as Energy & Exercises for well-being of body and mind, and Music & Movement. Learning happens in every area of the school – indoors and outdoors. At SPS, we respect the individuality and uniqueness of every child and believe that education is a perfect amalgamation of values and life skills.

Geographic Lessons

Funny & Play

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Drawing & Paint

Kindergarten Facilities

A Happy Start!
We click photos of the activities which the parents can save it for their future memories. Summer Camp takes place every year. We do activities on every alternate days.

  • Music classes

    Kids learn various musics with related instruments.

  • Good Curriculum

    We have a defined pre-school curriculum.

  • Activities

    We do lots of Activities based on the occasions.

  • Summer Camp

    We take kids on summer camp and do lots of masti with learning.

  • Excursions

    We take kids on short journey or trip to the various place.

  • Quality lessons

    We take quality lessons based on the pre-learning on school.